This is everything I dreamed it would be…the pictures are fantastic!
Not a bad one in the bunch!
Erin Conway
Director, Montessori Cottage

The pictures are stunning, truly beautiful…You are a super talented photographer and the kids adore you! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Chonis Gordon

Dear Chris!!!
I love the pictures!!!
YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL WITH THE KIDS!!!! I feel we hit the lottery with you helping us!!!!
Thank you:)
Maria Lashner

My daughter is a student at Center Stage Dance School and had pictures taken at the school recently. I tried to find out the photographer’s name so I could acknowledge the fantastic job he did photographing Brett. All of the pictures came out great, but I was totally amazed and impressed, actually blown away, by the wonderful shot he took of her in the air. I felt that he captured everything she has worked towards in dance. He captured the passion and essence of her love of dance. I thank you for such an amazing photo! You are a very talented photographer to have captured that moment in time!
Doreen Nance